View Full Version : FUll Screen Problem for Multiple Tab widgets

16th July 2008, 13:15
Hi.. All..

I am developing an application which needs to display some values in graph format.
In my Application There are 4 tabs widgets consisting of 2 qwt plot in each tab.
What I need is I want to see in full screen of the particular tab widget along with the values.. when i double click on my QWT plot...(Here I am using MouseDoubleClick Event)

I tried in attaining full screen for a single tab widget and was suceessfull.
but when i place more number of tabs its not working fine...
i am stuck here ...so please can any one help me.....

is there any solution where n when i double click on my tab widget it should be displayed in full screen..

thanks in advance...


I have attached my Demo Application .... please have a glance at it...