View Full Version : Problems with QDataStream

Doug Broadwell
6th August 2008, 22:27
If I try to unserialize a long int variable I get the error:
"No match for 'operator>>' in *qdsDataStream >> Variable".
If I make the variable a regular int (or unsigned) or a small it is just fine. If I make it any of the qint<size> or quint<size> it works fine. I'm using mingw on Windows and I think that int and long int are both 32 bits.


It worked ok before and broke after I did some source code editing but I can't see what I changed that would cause this strange behavior.


6th August 2008, 23:02
As far as I remember "long int" is equivalent to "int" on 32b systems. You might want to use long long (or qlonglong) instead.