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31st March 2006, 08:27
I use "configure -static -qt-libjpeg -release" recompile Qt 4.1.1,But I find

it can not support the read-write of “jpeg”. This is my codes. I use it to

get the supporting-list, but I don't find the file format “JPEG”.

QList<QByteArray> formats = reader.supportedImageFormats();
foreach(QByteArray format, formats)
QMessageBox::information(this, "format", format);

I could find “libqjpeg.a,libqjepg1.a,qjpeg1.dll” in path "plugins\imageformats" directory But when I finished compilation after added libqjpeg.a to the project, it still could not use QImageReader to read “jpeg” files.

I checked the <http://www.qtcentre.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1182&highlight=jpeg+support> carefully, but I didn't find how to solve the problem.

help me~~

platform: winxp
Qt: 4.1.1 open source:(

31st March 2006, 08:33
If jpeg support in open source win ver then you must rebiuld(confugure) your Qt library with it(how you must do it for MingW i dont know)

31st March 2006, 09:05
1. install Qt4.1.1 open source with MingW
2. configure -static -qt-libjpeg -release
3. make

only three step... have any question?

31st March 2006, 09:13
Read this link (http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-interest/2001-07/thread00008-0.html)

31st March 2006, 09:29
ooo....... :o