View Full Version : Quill 0.5 Released -- A Tablet Journaling Application

1st September 2008, 15:28
Hello all,
I've been working hard on my entry to the Qt Centre programming contest, Quill. It is a tablet journaling application, much like Xournal or (though much less featureful than) OneNote.

I made my first release yesterday, dubbed version 0.5 `I can write!', an alpha testing release. It has a fair few features already, but is missing a couple I intend on completing by the end of the month, including actually having user documentation and some configuration options.

This release features only a release tarball. I don't run Windows on my computer, but my roommate will be receiving a similar tablet to mine this coming week, so the 1.0 release should have packages for multiple OSes.

Anyway, you can find the release on the Quill Launchpad release page (https://launchpad.net/quill/devel-releases/0.5). Bugs can be filed there, as well (the bugs tab, as it were). Hope anyone who tries it enjoys it!