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1st April 2006, 00:00
Hi, sorry for my ignorance but what's the default font style in kde? all the screenshots show a font style that i find better than the default from winXp and I want to set this font style in my apps with Qt.


1st April 2006, 01:18
I think it depends on the distro that KDE is running under. On my FreeBSD system, it is "Sans Serif", which is an alias to "Bitstream Vera Sans." This is fairly typical, but I cannot guarantee that this what you are seeing. Many people will install Microsoft Webfonts and use Trebuchet or Arial instead. I also know a couple of KDE developers who prefer Nimbus Sans. So try each of those to see what ends up matching the screenshots you like.

1st April 2006, 08:37
Helvetica is used too (as it's better than Arial which stole its style).