View Full Version : events are not delivered properly to another window in another process

2nd September 2008, 14:56

I am having two processes on linux (Ubuntu). First process captures the events and depending on some criteria, it sends the event to another window in second process.

I am using XSendEvent to send the event to another window. I have two windows in second process. I am sending one event to both windows.

The problem is that one window receives the mouseMoveEvent while another window is not receiving mouseMoveEvent. Problem occurs only when mouse button is pressed and then moved.

Some times I am sending the mouseMoveEvent to only one window. At that time it works fine. But while trying to send this event to both windows, it is not working properly.

Please help me, I am trying to solve it from last four days.

Thanks in advance.

13th September 2008, 15:45
What about some kind of IPC mechanism? See Inter-Process Communication in Qt (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/ipc.html).