View Full Version : Catching escape event with QMdiSubWindow

3rd September 2008, 14:02

I'm using Qt 4.4.1 on Windows Vista.
At the moment I'm having a QMainWindow with a QMdiArea as central widget.
The problem is, that as soon as I create a QMdiSubWindow in the QMdiArea, i cannot catch the escape event in my own widgets anymore(that are for example: text edits in dock widgets). It seems that the QMdiArea or the QMdiSubWindow is dispatching the escape event, since i don't even manage to trigger the keyPressEvent in the widgets using escape. I looked in the docs for escape handling in QMdiAreas but didn't found anything.

Does anyone know how QMdiArea or QMdiSubWindow is treating escape events or how I can still catch the escape event in my own widgets?