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4th September 2008, 17:54
Hello Forum,

I am new kid to the Qt arena. And i am wondering if the following idea sounds daunting.

1. I would like to create a drag and drop editor for a scenegraph system.
2. The nodes for that scenegraph are read from the node database for that particular scenegraph and the iconic representation is made inside the editor

3.The user just drag and drop different nodes and creates scene.
4.While drag and drop the the corresponding file is getting edited background
that is saved and send to the rendering pipeline for rendering.

5. While the user do the drag and drop , she or he can choose write code as well. When the user click at any of the node the background file is opened and the cursor focus that part of the line corresponding to the node.

It would be very nice to have some suggestions from the forum that will help me cover the topics related to that projects.

Please do ask me if you need any more explanation!!!



4th September 2008, 18:22
some thing like this?

4th September 2008, 19:15
Hello EnEeRgY,

The one i am visualizing looks kind of like that. Do you have any pop-up window
if you click at one of the scene does a pop-up come up so that you can edit manually that particular?

If you can then could you please give me hint regarding that?

I would like design an interface some way similar netBeans IDE, definitely not so advanced and multi-purpose.

I attached an example screen-shot where the right side represent iconic view of the nodes and the the user can drag and drop those to the middle of the scene instead to coding.


4th September 2008, 20:47
here is screen with properties view.

I start from Qt sample "elasticnodes".

21st October 2008, 17:33
Thanks for the last snapshot you sent

Can you provide some reference regarding the property window as i need to implement something like that