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5th September 2008, 13:05
I have Widget(CWebVidgetClass) which contain QWebView object and three buttons and i created the .dll file of the same.. for initialization i used

m_tButton1 = new QPushButton(this);
m_tButton2 = new QPushButton(this);
m_tButton3 = new QPushButton(this);
m_Help = new QWebView(this);

this .dll file i am using in my main application which is a Widget. In my main application i am creating the insatnce of CWebVidgetClass.When i execute the application, the execution stops at "m_Help = new QWebView(this); " statement. It wont give any error... application shutdown when this statement is executed. memory is allocation done properly. but while returning , it shutdown the application.

Note: instead of dll, if i am using CWebVidgetClass as main application , this works fine

Can anyone tell me how to resolve the problem

Thanks in advance

13th September 2008, 20:27
Make sure to compile both, the library and the application in same mode (release vs. debug).