View Full Version : use GNU make entirely and bypass qmake?

5th September 2008, 21:55
I build my program using GNU make to control the overall build process. For the Qt code, I spawn a sub-process which ends up doing a qmake to generate a sub-Makefile from a pre-existing .pro file.

Recently, I've enhanced/simplified my Makefile by removing all references to source files, include files, and object files. All these things are now automatically generated on the fly. The only thing remaining is the Qt portion.

Is there a standard set of Makefile rules that one can use in a Makefile and thus completely bypass qmake?

I realise that doing a "qmake -project" will generate a .pro file with all the entries for source, include, and object files automatically generated. The problem is that the automatically generated .pro file does not contain settings as I need them to integrate everything into my build.

5th September 2008, 23:40
Have you considered using CMake? It's simple and powerful enough for the KDE folks, and it eliminates the need for qmake. It's probably better than you current dynamic Makefile.