View Full Version : Program hangs on processEvents method

8th September 2008, 17:30

i am using qt4.4.1. When I use the method QApplication::ProcessEvents() my program hangs and the CPU usage is at 100%. When i use Qt3 everything works fine, so i assume the code is correct. Btw I am using Windows XP.

Any ideas.

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8th September 2008, 20:53
Where do you use that method?

8th September 2008, 22:03
I use the method quiete often in different places. but as I mentioned all works fine when I use qt3 instead. Is there a difference between the two releases reagarding this method which I didn't consider?

9th September 2008, 00:33
There aren't any substantial changes in processEvents(), but there was a lot of changes in Qt's core. One of possible explanations is that you have some kind of infinite recursion --- you might trigger some kind of an event that causes the program flow to return to your function after you invoke processEvents(). Try setting a breakpoint on processEvents() and see whether it will be fired multiple times.

processEvents() isn't a method that is supposed to be used quite often. Maybe you should revise your code?