View Full Version : how to change the position of the qscrollbar of the QScrollArea ?

13th September 2008, 08:49
Hi, guys!
By default, qscrollarea's vertical scrolllbar is on the right edge of the qscrollarea's viewport, and horizontal scrollbar is on the bottom of edge of the qscrollarea. But sometimes, I want to put the vertical scrollbar on the left of the qscrollarea, and the horizontal scrollbar on the top edge of the qscrollarea . I use the qt4.4. QScrollArea has setAlignment(...) and addScrollBarWidget(...), I tried , no use. How to do that? Thanks alot.

13th September 2008, 12:00
May be you can try setLayoutDirection(Qt::RightToLeft) for the scroll area / widget :)
i can think only of this way for now :(