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5th January 2006, 17:48

I am planning to make a new general purpose widget which can act like both as a single line editor and a multiline editor. Following are features that i came up with :

1.By default it is a single line editor but user can make it a multiline edit box like the image below.


In the image above the user would have specified the start point of the text and the end point of the text. Apart from this, user would have also specified the point the text should start from the next line onwards (This is just a rough idea).

2. User would be able to cut copy and paste text (Like any other editor).

Here are a few other images.



Basically, the widget takes the shape as user edits the text.
If any of you are using mac, you can find something like this in its addressbook.

I am not an expert in Qt and therfore have no idea how to go about doing this. Any ideas on how to do this ?

Thanks a lot

5th January 2006, 18:20
Interesting idea! Maybe QToolTip code will help you? It's a bit similar, but your code will have to handle the editing and custom shape itself.

5th January 2006, 18:32
basicaly it is a text edit. It should be no problem to layout text in any shape using Qt4's new textengine called arthur. I have a mac here so I know Adressbook. I think the problem is that Adressbook does not only provide one multiline edit but a few of them. They have a form that looks like a big textedit where you can select text to copy and paste it. Then you can switch to an editmode where you can edit values in a form:

6th January 2006, 05:12

Thanks for replying. Can you guys help me do this? I want to write it and give back to the community so that people here will also be able to use it.

I am not an expert and therefore have little idea of how to go about doing this.

Thanks a lot