View Full Version : Shell inside QT WIdget

17th September 2008, 12:21
How do I make the bash shell available inside a widget ?

Something like in KDevelop where the Konsole is available in the bottom


17th September 2008, 14:00
Create your own widget, which runs the command and prints its output.

17th September 2008, 17:34
I am building a financial app. I want a calculator as a dock widget. Any ideas how to do that ??

I was thinking of providing a bc shell as a dock widget. I dont know how to do it

17th September 2008, 17:45
I checked out some great cal. speedcrunch is looking good..

how do i integrate it within my application.

i there anyway I can start speedcrunch inside my app as a dock widget ?

17th September 2008, 18:57
To embed whole applications, depending on your target platform, have a look at Active Qt (or whatever this is called) and QX11EmbedContainer.