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22nd September 2008, 17:53
Hello anyone,

Iám using qt-4.4.0 (opensources) with Windows XP
I have a problem with the currency symbol (€).
I have a database with the extension .mdb from MS Access with a table.
In that table i have different records like this:

A € 50.000 € 20.000 € 5.000 etc ...

In my application i use QSqlTableModel for model and a QTableView i make a connection with the database and the table everything works.

In my QTableView i see the table but in the columns with currency numbers i see this

A 50000.0000 20000.0000 5000.0000 etc ...

There are not currency symbols and in the QTableView the dot is in the wrong place.
I have read in the documentation if you want the symbol(€) you can use QChar(0x20ac).
Is it possible to display in QTableView the same as i have in my table in MS Access.
I have read some information about codecs, but i don't no if that is the right way.

Thanks in advance.