View Full Version : how can make the widget not fetches native window system events

23rd September 2008, 04:34
I have a fullscreen transparent QWidget ,I can paint and draw in this widget.now I want the widget not fetches native window system event,and when I clicked I can open the file in the desktop which under this widget,how can I do that ,I set the QEvent::setAccept(false) ,but it do not work,and I overwrite the QApplication::x11eventfilter and QWidget::x11event(XEvent )and not work.Can you help me.

28th September 2008, 10:17
Does not bady done this before?
I thank Qt is not good at transparent,MAC can do that only set the mouse not fetches by this widget .

12th October 2008, 02:55
Does someone do it use X window