View Full Version : Accelerate Widget Painting

23rd September 2008, 16:33
Anyone of you have had to deploy an application made with Qt in an "application server" ? I've a problem and I've no clues about possible solutions.

My application "lives" in a W2K3 Server, and 90% of users are working with it through Windows Terminal Server.

Usually, all users are working from inside a LAN, and they can work fine. But when they have to work from outside the office, through secure VPN, etc. they complain about painting speed ( I've seen it, and it's like little dwarfs begin to hand-paint every cell in a grid, every button, and every widget. It's TOOO SLOOW ) :crying:

Of course, I've tested to limit the colour depth in terminal server to 256 colors and screen resolution is set to 800 x 600. Anyway the screen is painted very, very, very slowly...

So, I presume that is something related to the way Qt paints widgets. Other older applications we have, made in Delphi, work fine with the same screen settings !! ( not as quick as if they work from LAN, but with a reasonable downspeed ).

Any clues ? Is there any obscure setting in Qt that could make work better in this situation ? :confused: