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4th April 2006, 04:38
Hi all,

I have developed a mobile diary application in Qtopia..
My native environment is OS - Fedora Core 4
I using qtopia 1.7 for development..

I am supposed to depoly this application to freescale board
that runs on MontaVista Linux..

Kindly furnish me the details about the steps for cross compilation
from my desktop to freescale board.

Thanks in advance

6th April 2006, 10:17
Hi, Good afternoon to all of you,

I am having another query with the hope that it will get an answer here...

I am doing my development in the same environment as specified in the previous thread.
i am using the following files for development

I am developing application for Tynax board.

I am able to cross compile everything.. no problem i found till here. :(

When i deploy my compiled binaries to Tynax board it started saying problems in
all libraries one by one...

But i am able to run a simple "Hello World" type qtopia application cross compiled in my pc deployed in Tynax board it gives no problem at all ..

when it is a huge application like the one i developed ( i developed an address book
application it uses pim database for storing and retireving ), i am not able to run
the application, it starts scolding me a lot.. i dont know why...

so i decided to transfer all libraries from my development environment to Tynax board..
finally it says 'qpe_fast_findPixmap' - some unreferenced symbol or similar error

please guide me to solve the problem

if you have any urls or docs related to this issue please furnish them for me, i will be very grateful to you..

expecting your reply
Thanks in advance

11th April 2006, 22:40
You might want to try qtopia 2.1.2, as all that stuff is in one package and there is a lot less steps to configuring and compiling.

12th April 2006, 04:26
Thanks lPotter,

my Tynax board contains Qtopia 1.5 and my pc has Qtopia 1.7.

BTW can u please explain, how come we can use Qtopia 2.1.2 for deployment.

you mean we need to install Qtopia 2.1.2 in Tynax board as well as our desktop pc..

pl tell us some thing about it.

Thanks & Regards

26th April 2006, 04:17
Hi lPotter,

can u tell me where i can get qtopia 2.1 source and
its installation docs...

plz tell me it is urgent