View Full Version : flickering x-scale

30th September 2008, 13:51

i programmed my first qwt (and qt) programm and have some issues.
I process quite a lot of data coming in Realtime and Plot it (whole replot because I don't know better) to my qwtPlot.

As i always show the last 1000 values my x axis changes with every replot. (0-1000. 1-1001, ...)
Although I try with a Timer to replot 35 or more times a second the Scale Values don't look very nice. They move slower and faster and flicker.

Is this a problem with replotting or are my calls to replot to fast, slow untimed?

thanks in advance!

1st October 2008, 06:46
Changing a scale 35 times a second - what else than flickering do you expect ?


1st October 2008, 07:57
smooth strafeing?

I take it, that this does not work.