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1st October 2008, 02:01
Hi, I have successfully compiled C:\qwt-5.1.1 and everything looks excellent inside that directory. However, when I start QtDesigner I do not see any qwt plugins at all.

There is a plugin subdir in qwt-5.1.1 but the installer did not connect it to Qt 4.4.3

I edited the qwtconfig.pri file and uncommented the examples.

I started a command line window from Qt 4.4.3 Command Prompt and cd to
C:\qwt-5.1.1. Then I did a qmake and make. It all seemed to work very well
and quickly.

what did I miss? I am sure I have successfully installed qwt into Qt in the past.
I must have done something stupid this time?

thank you for any suggestions,
Ken - Naperville, IL USA

1st October 2008, 16:10
I don't remember for sure if Qwt has an install target. You can try to "make install". If it doesn't do anything, try copying Qwt Designer plugins by hand to %QTDIR%\plugins\designer (eg. C:\Qt\4.4.3\designer\plugins).

1st October 2008, 20:03
Thank you JPN, o.k. I tried a make install from qwt-5.1.1

Now I see that there is a dll called "qwt_designer_plugin5.dll"
located in the C:\Qt\4.4.3\plugins\designer path.

But nothing shows up in the left hand column of the designer
where I am sure I saw a nice list of qwt entries before.

I'll keep at it :-)
many thanks for your suggestion,

1st October 2008, 21:12
Do you have the Qwt DLL in PATH? What does Help->About Plugins say?

2nd October 2008, 17:49
Dear JPN, how can I send you a screen dump from Ubuntu?
I have found that under Ubuntu that the qwt widgets show up
in the QtDesigner in the list with no problem. I guess it is part
of the qwt 'make install' process? I have a nice image if only
I could send it to you.

I have not figured out how to get qwt widgets to show up in
the Windows Qt 4.4.3 version as they do in Ubuntu.

Ken (direct email address KenHopper1125 at wowway dot com>

3rd October 2008, 09:18
In most cases problems with the designer on Windows are related to debug/release mismatches. When the designer is build in release mode Qwt plugin and library need to be build in release mode too.

This is Windows only - no idea, why they introduced this pointless limitation.


3rd October 2008, 17:12
Thank you dear Uwe for that reminder. I will double check to see if I used Qt debug or compiled qwt debug by mistake. Yes, I remember reading a caution in the installation instructions about a mis-match causing problems in Windows.

The Ubuntu installation works very smoothly and I am learning so much by trying the Designer.

thank you again for the debug reminder
Ken - USA