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4th April 2006, 13:49
Hello !
I have just finshed a small project with Qt, and now I have to transfer a big C/Motif application to a multi platform GUI to work on Windows/Linux.
Qt is a nice solution, but I have to justify this choice to my boss and my colleagues against Eclipse RCP, which is free. Not so easy without trying it :(
Is there anybody here who has some strong argument (technical and/or financial) ?
Many thanks. :)

4th April 2006, 14:27
Qt is easy to learn and has a great documentation. Just compare it with RCP/SWT docs. If you don't know RCP, SWT and JFace, will you be able to learn it? If you know C++ well, you can learn Qt much faster. Would you write a big application using framework you don't know?

RCP uses SWT, which means that you have to invoke dispose() method very often, and if you forget one you'll get a resource leak. In Qt widgets clean up themselves. On the other hand RCP gives you a bit more --- a whole structure for your application.

4th April 2006, 14:28
One more thing: http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/migrate/motif.html

4th April 2006, 14:34
For the company I work for, we are having the same discussions about Eclipse vs Qt, and I definatly agree with the points that jacek made. If your company has definate limitations on money, Eclipse is probably the way to go. There are numerous plugins to Eclipse for a variety of uses already prebuilt. That being said, there is more flexibilty with being able to migrate Motif code into Qt, which I an doing currently. Usually this decision comes down to a financial problem, in which Eclipse wins out.

4th April 2006, 15:38
Thanks Jacek & Rayven for your quick answer :)
Using QMotif to migrate progressively could be a good solution that Eclipse doesn't provide. I will explore it.
Thanks again ;)