View Full Version : Help for 3D like Visual Effect.

6th October 2008, 16:25
I have some design problem with the 3D like view using graphics Item. I have attached PNG file for your information. Here is the scenario which I want.

I have bunch of images (no of images are not fixed can be in 100's but they are fixed in sizes). I need to show it in like a 3D view. I have implemented it as shown in attached png file.I have done this using scalling provided by QGraphicsItem. Now the question is I need to move the pages like we have a virtual drum in the center and I need to move it as well scale the images. I know their is QMatrix and QTransform class, but unable to use it effectively as during QGraphicsItem::Mousemove event I am unable to get the desired sclling factor.

Can you please help me out to solve this issue.