View Full Version : help,who could help me to compile qt project

7th October 2008, 17:14
my laptop's hard drive got damaged

who could help me to compile qt project

for windows, CutyCapt.exe

8th October 2008, 18:45
2628Wow, cool little tool!
I compiled it with 4.4.0 open source. Visual Studio 2005 non static.

13th May 2014, 16:14
Could you please provide me the steps you done in visual studio

13th May 2014, 16:27
This is a very old post, but anyway...

Install "Qt libraries 4.x.x for Windows" from here (http://qt-project.org/downloads).
Call "qmake -tp vc" in a Visual Studio command prompt to generate a visual studio solution from the .pro file.
open the solution and build application.