View Full Version : Mapping from QCompleter::completionModel to QCompleter::model

12th October 2008, 08:59
QCompleter::currentIndex returns QModelIndex of QCompleter::compleitionModel. Would it be possible to map this index to QCompleter::model so that I could access other data associated with the completion string?

Thanks a lot in advance!

12th October 2008, 09:21
I found that the code below works fine and gets the right index:

QAbstractProxyModel* proxyModel = qobject_cast<QAbstractProxyModel*>(m_completer->completionModel());
Q_ASSERT(proxyModel != 0);

QModelIndex index = proxyModel->mapToSource(m_completer->currentIndex());

But I haven't seen any documentation saying that QCompleter::completerModel is actually QAbstractProxyModel (naturally it should be). Is there a documented way to map indexes between these two models?