View Full Version : Is it OK to use qt_register_signal_spy_callbacks?

Frank J. Lhota
13th October 2008, 19:31
The function qt_register_signal_spy_callbacks will register functions that will be called before / after each signal emission, and before / after each slot call. Although TrollTech does not document this function. it appears that some test utilities use this function. It appears that this function is in a gray area: it is not documented, but it cannot be removed without impacting test software. This makes me wonder: is it safe to use the qt_register_signal_spy_callbacks function? Or should this be regarded as an implementation detail that can go away at any time?

13th October 2008, 19:35
If it is not documented, then it is to be used at your own risk - the function may change or disappear in future versions of Qt. I guess the test tool manufacturers are well aware that they might have to change their software in the future if this function should be dropped from Qt.