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14th October 2008, 12:38


I'm programing using Qt in Xcode, to Mac OS.
But i've a problem...

I've an Item and in this item i've created one slot that append after the timeLine that is running emmites finished() singal. In debug mode, it works very well, but not in release mode.

For exemple, i've this:

void Item::slotTest()
QString s = "OK!";

void Item::StartAnim()
QTimeLine * timeLine = new QTimeLine();

connect( timeLine, SIGNAL( finished() ), this, SLOT( slotTest() ) );



Can you help me?
Why the signal finished() is not sended by timeLine when it Stops?
It happens only in release mode and only in Mac OS.
And also using startTimer( xxx ); -> item's timer


14th October 2008, 15:55
By the way, sorry my bad English

14th October 2008, 18:49
Provided slotTest() is declared as a slot and the class has the Q_OBJECT macro, I see no reason this shouldn't work. Have you set the loop count? If its continually looping, I don't believe finished will be called.