View Full Version : How do I re-build just 1 or 2 .dll files using MSVC2008 Express Edition?

15th October 2008, 05:52

I recently installed MSVC 2008 Express Edition, and built Qt 4.4.1. Did the configure -platform win32-msvc2008, and nmake. Everything worked fine (after commenting out a #include directive). But I managed to trash my QtGui4.dll and QtGui4d.dll files in the \bin directory. I do not see how I can re-build these files without deleting everything and starting over from the nmake. :( There must be some way; can some kind person please show me the way? Many thanks!


15th October 2008, 18:12
Try deleting the 2 files plus the corresponding .lib files in the /lib folder, and running nmake - it shouldn't recompile everything unless you've deleted the .obj files, but it might have to relink many of the objects as you will have changed the dates on dependent objects (thats how make/nmake is supposed to work). It won't take very long.


15th October 2008, 20:49
Thanks, Pete!

It looks like the dlls are built in ...\lib and then copied to ..\bin - good thing to know!

Now I'm getting an error about a procedure entry point not being found; most likely problems from what I've read are maybe a MinGW created dll being encountered in the path before the MSVC2008 created dll (a definite possibility!), or possibly the project not being set up correctly.

In any case, thanks for clearing up why the dlls were not being rebuilt!