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15th October 2008, 10:36
I've written a simple application for test purposes;but i've faced with a strange situation:

First; I've installed Qt from opensuse 10.3 dvd (qt 4.3.1), I've compiled my simple application. The result is fine... :)

Secondly; I've downloaded Qt 4.3.1 sources from trolltech's ftp site, i've compiled it(with default options); and then i've compiled the above application with that qt(the one compiled by myself).
The result is a mess....The application works at one tenth speed of the previous one...:crying:

And worst of all, I have to use the second method because of some technical reasons.
I am attaching my small application....

Does anybody have an idea about that situation; may it be a configuration related issue(if it is, what?).

Thanks in advance for your replies...

15th October 2008, 10:57
* how did you configure your Qt?
* did you check a release build (both times)?

15th October 2008, 11:42
For opensuse dvd, I had no choice of configuring Qt (I ve installed it from yast)

For the other one(compiled by me), I used default options(just used ./configure)

22nd October 2008, 22:05
The slowdown might be caused by the timer with 1 ms interval.