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15th October 2008, 12:20

I'm doing a random number in MacOs, but it returns always the same number. i use this:

#include <ctime> // To seed random generator

// Randomize
qsrand( time(0) );

//to get a random number i use this funtion:

int myClasse::randInt( int a, int b )
qsrand( time(0) );
return a + rand() % ( b - a + 1 );

but it always return the same number. Why this happens?

Thanks for read this post...

16th October 2008, 13:01
Now i "reset" the qsrand, and for any time i start my application, the random number is not the last one. Thats ok.

But in the same time the application is running, if i want to get a new Random number several times, it returns always the same number.

How can i random the random number process to return always different numbers?
Is it possible?

16th October 2008, 18:40

You have to call "srand" only the first time that your application starts. Then every call to "rand" will get you different random values.