View Full Version : how to read from text edit in QT4

17th October 2008, 08:16
I am using QT4.4. I want to create a mainwindow application with a textedit as my central widget. I have already done this project successfully in qt3. But qt 3 has a text() function in qtextedit that helps to read from text edit . Can anybody tell me a way to read text from text edit. Thanks in advance.

I am asking for a function which is equivalant to text() in QT 3

17th October 2008, 08:33
QTextEdit::toPlainText (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/qtextedit.html#plainText-prop)

17th October 2008, 10:48
u can also use toHtml() for reading rich text.

17th October 2008, 13:51
Thanks all.....I solved the problem ....... With toPlainText() function.....Once again thank you to all......