View Full Version : how can i run a project from only a .ui file in qt4

17th October 2008, 13:45

I am a QT 4 newbie. And I am learning to use QT 4 designer. I created one .ui file ( a simple password checker with two labels, two line edits and a push button ) and I am stuck. I dont know how to create a .ui.h file or even a cpp file where I can include the dialog I have created. I am good at qt3 and now struggling with qt4. Can any one simply tell me how I can run my poor password validator.

I know my questine is bit childish. But I have no option since my qt4 designer knowledge is zero. Thanks in advance.....

17th October 2008, 13:48
Sorry I forgot to mention this. I use QT 4.3 and I devoloped this .ui file from the same version . How to create custom slots with designer in qt4.

23rd October 2008, 02:36
You can no longer create ui.h files.

See: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/designer-using-a-component.html