View Full Version : style widget on canvas (qgv)

22nd October 2008, 22:47
Hi, i want do a widget like that:

[Widgets on red]



but i don't idea "what widgets i must use", i have one idea:

a qgraphicsScene (and view)

and QDialogs (con proxy) on the scene, but i can't change the style of the QDialog (clos button, titlebar color and height, etc) so i discard it.

then, i try qdockwidget on canvas and it's work fine (i change de style - limited but its ok) but i can do to this widget moved on the canvas (scene) so i discard it.

And now i dont have any idea so how can i do this widget?, its a graphicItem but with controls (pushbuttons, menus, etc).

Any idea?


30th October 2008, 01:31
You can add widgets to graphics view. To get different kinds of windows, you can use style sheets or implement your own style.