View Full Version : Closable dockwidgets

24th October 2008, 22:32
I'm trying to couple my dock widget feature 'DockWidgetClosable' to whether or not the widget is floating.

I have a slot to respond to topLevelChanged(bool) and when the widget is floating, I set features to Movable, Floatable, and Closable. When docked, I set features to just Movable and Floatable. My widgets first appear floating, with the 'x' close box. When they are docked it is removed but when they return to floating the close box never returns.

Checking the value of features() before each setFeatures() call shows the expected values (7 before removing closable and 6 after, 6 before adding closable, 7 after).

Was setFeatures not intended to be used after initialization?