View Full Version : QTreeWidget Custom Editor Question

28th October 2008, 06:15

This has been driving me crazy since I can't seem to track down where it's happening. So I have a QTreeWidget with a custom delegate for the item edit. I've subclassed QLineEdit to create my own editor. Now, when I go to edit the item - the font shrinks just a tiny bit. I've tried changing the size policy and the font in the constructor for my custom editor. It doesn't seem to affect anything.

So my question is....how do I go about keeping the font consistent in the QTreeView as well as in the custom editor?


28th October 2008, 20:57
Do you have the same font set for both edits and tree widget items ?

30th October 2008, 07:06
Sorry for the delay in the reply - but yes. I just double checked to make sure. They're both set to Sergio 9 point.