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6th April 2006, 19:39
Well, I'm sure this will invoke a response ...

What the **** are
Movie Maker (!!?? - i say to myself "I'm no movie man, I'll just remove that", answer - "no you won't!")
MSN Gaming Zone (!!!!? - wha thuh? nothing in there but can't delete it)
microsoft frontpage (?no idea why this should be important or what it is)
Messenger - (ok, I know what that's supposed to be but why do I have to have it?)
NetMeeting - (nope, leaves me blank)
Windows Media Player (Now, I know this is spyware. ;) I don't want it. My software goes onto working machines not play toys)

So, what are they all doing on my machine?
why can't I uninstall them?
why can't I manually delete the folders?

any ideas ...?

thank you all


6th April 2006, 20:32
Yes. Install Linux. All those problems will dissapear.

7th April 2006, 08:57
Yeah, great, I love that answer. :p
I feel like a dog that shits on the porch whose owner rubs his nose in it.
But, I've got customers, and I've got legacy code based on the winAPI. I am moving slowly to a system that will allow multiple operating systems - thanks to Qt - and thanks to the QtCentre.


7th April 2006, 09:34
Then ask M$ to remove this sh.... eem... garbage from their product or at least allow users to do it.

15th April 2006, 01:14
You may be able to uninstall some of them in the Add/Remove Programs, and then Add/Remove Windows Components or something like that. I forgot the exact wording now.