View Full Version : Qwt(histogram) in eclipse?

28th November 2008, 12:35
I am getting started whit QT-4.3.3 and I just installed qwt-5.1.1 on UBUNTU so i have in /usr/local/qwt-5.1.1 three folders: doc, include, lib.
I tried to run the examples and work.
If I run qt designer there are qwt.
I want use qwt in eclipse (Qt gui project) but qt eclipse integration not contains qwt.
In particular, my problem is:
1) I created a program that loads an image and displays(its work)
2)Now I want to see the histogram of this image in a new window.
I have the values of histogram but I do not know how to represent them(How can I do this?)


29th November 2008, 12:38
You have to write code. Look at the examples, that are included to get an idea.