View Full Version : id3lib library problem

10th April 2006, 14:03
Hi everyone,
I am having a some problems using the id3lib library.
I have installed all id3lib libraries needed , i follow the instruction given by id3lib doc
and on this line ID3_Tag tag("test.mp3"); gives me an error something like undifined type before string,
I am also including the needed headers as shown in the id3lib (#include <id3/tag.h>)
guys pls help me with this.
thanks in advance.

10th April 2006, 18:22
Are you linking id3lib to your project?

11th April 2006, 13:46
Yes I am linking it, as a shared library and it finds it correclty.
something is wrong though and I cant figure it out. In any case thank you jpn.
I will be using the taglib, its seems more convinient, although it had some problems too with the linking part where my ldconfig could not actually find it and cache it. anyway i fix it manually.
thanks again.