View Full Version : Creating Static library with QT

17th December 2008, 21:44
I know that one can create static library with QT that will be properly build on all supported platform. But I cannot find any documentation about the specifics or "howtos"

May be you can point me to the docs somewhere that discuss this issue? Thanks.

18th December 2008, 00:47
Query the docs for "staticlib".

21st December 2008, 04:50
I've had a bit of experience with this recently...are you attempting to compile inside of an IDE or on the command line? I would recommend compiling from the command line if possible. Mostly so you can see what's going on.

So if you're going to compile on the command line...the jist of the process is passing the -static flag to configure.exe or just configure on non-Windows systems. By default, configure will produce shared libraries. If you're using the recommended compiler for the platforms GCC for Mac/Linux and Visual C++ for Windows it should go pretty painlessly.

I'm sure you know but passing the help flag into configure will give you all the options on the platform. Be careful though - not all the options are available on every platform. If you need examples of the configure command line - let me know.

Hope it helps.