View Full Version : Problem with copy text to clipboard

22nd December 2008, 08:34
Hello all.

I am using QT4.3.0 and need to copy the text on a QLabel to be pasted on other application. I have set the textInteractionFlags to Qt::TextBrowserInteraction.

However, I found this copy and paste function works fine on certain PCs only. For some other PCs, once the text is copied, the clipboard will be cleared and no text is being set in the clipboard.

I would be more than grateful if someone could provide idea on how this can be solved.

Thank you.

22nd December 2008, 12:44
Could you provide some details about the environment(s) where it doesn't work? Personally I would begin with updating to a recent version of Qt. If it still doesn't work, search the Task-Tracker for known bugs.