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25th December 2008, 18:26
Hello all!
Let me announce the new multiplatform dictionary - SimpleDict.
It is hosted on http://simpledict.net23.net.
Written in Qt4, supports XDXF and DSL dictionaries.

31st December 2008, 01:56
New Year Update - 0.1.beta available.

A new version introduces a lot of improvements:
- speedups of loading dictionaries
- better rendering
- support of internal and external references
- partial multimedia support
- and other thing.

Happy New Year !

6th January 2009, 18:11
A release version is available.

Changes are:

- improved rendering of DSL and XDXF
- added support of different codecs (Unicode and non-Unicode)
- GUI improvements:
- new visual scheme (Green Glass) added
- tray icon added
- added Configuration dialog
- improved DictionaryManager dialog
- fixed issue with default path to the dictionaries
- a lot of small fixes and updates

Screenshot 1 (http://qt-apps.org/CONTENT/content-pre1/95588-1.png)

Screenshot 2 (http://qt-apps.org/CONTENT/content-pre2/95588-2.png)

Screenshot 3 (http://qt-apps.org/CONTENT/content-pre3/95588-3.png)

21st January 2009, 01:53
New version released:

0.2.0 beta

- added MOVA format support
- added quick clipboard translation (basic)
- added double-click translation of the word under cursor
- reorganized dictionary loading dialog
- changing order of the dictionaries
- changing some parameters of the loaded dictionaries
- configurable font of input phrase window
- some GUI improvements
- some speedups of phrase search
- fixed issue after relocation of the program's folder
(now does not touch activity of the dictionaries)
- fixed issue with input of non-existing phrases
- fixed issue with reset of translation directions after adding/changing
- fixed issue with codec recognition for DSL dictionaries


30th January 2009, 22:44
New version released!

* added Russian translation
* directory import dialog redesigned
* some GUI fixes and improvements
* closing tabs by middle-click
* better double-click translation
* fixed issue with rendering of images on Windows XP
* fixed issue with activating dictionaries at the very first start

8th April 2009, 09:50
SimpleDict 0.3.0 beta released!

Now, new domain: www.simpledict.org

Now, based on Qt 4.5. And, as usual, a lot of changes and improvements.

13th April 2009, 00:21
New release provides:

- Support of StarDict format
- Basic support of wave audio
- New GUI for Dictionary Manager

Full set of changes:


- added support of StarDict dictionaries
- added playback of wave audio
- improved double-click phrase search

- SDB format extended:
- added emphasis tag
- embedded info about index size

- redesigned Dictionary Manager window

- fixed issue with zombie phrases in the index after removing dictionaries
- fixed issue with search of the current phrase when languages changed
- fixed issue with search of the phrase with identical indexes
- fixed issue with Dictionary Manager displaying dictionary names
- fixed issue with displaying abbreviations on Linux/Qt 4.4