View Full Version : Alarm Implementation in Qt/X11

7th January 2009, 06:30
I am a newbie to this forum & also Qt programming. :P
I wish to develop an alarm clock application for Qt/X11 embedded linux environment.I need to be able to set multiple alarms for my embedded device.One of the methods I can think of is create a Qtimer for every alarm and connect the timeout event to my slot.This way I would have to reinitialize the timers everytime I boot up my device.
Another way I can is I use the alarm() system call of Linux to generate the SIGALRM signal and process it using the signal handler.But the following information has made me apprehensive about using it.

"Alarm requests are not stacked; only one SIGALRM generation can be scheduled in this way. Successive calls reset the alarm clock of the calling process."

Is there any other efficient method of implementing alarms in Qt /X11 ? For Qt Extended there is an AlarmServer Class wherein you can just create an alarm.Can I somehow use the AlarmServer libraries by including the header/cpp files? Please advise me which would be the best way to proceed.