View Full Version : KDevelop bug?

12th January 2006, 16:34
Hi all!
I have KDevelop-3.2.2 under FreeBsd. I try setup his gui settings(moving and close some tabs, resize options windows, etc ). But after restarting Kdevelop show me own gui with standart settings :eek:
Maiby someone can help me solve this strange problem or its KDevelop bug:confused:

12th January 2006, 16:54
this is just a guess, but it could be that the configuration files of KDevelop are root owned (somehow), so when you change something as user, you dont have write rights and it doesnt get saved...
Check it out...

12th January 2006, 17:29
Or that KDevelop crashes during exit (which is not that uncommon) and doesn't have the chance to save its settings.

12th January 2006, 20:03
Actually, I'm having an issue with KDevelop right now where it can't find the appropriate C++ objects, and crashes. I'm new to KDevelop (notepad in windows, vi in linux), but I'm liking what it can do.

I think my problem is an rpm issue for SUSE 10, since I'm upgrading to the latest ver so I can use Qt4 through supplemental repositories. Might end up building from source.... but after I screw around and put a new motherboard in my main workstation at home.

13th January 2006, 08:14
Em........i try run KDevelop under root - result the same. And there is no craches before exiting:(