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12th January 2006, 19:41
How do I do something equivalent to make DESTDIR=... install in qmake?
since there is not even ./configure to which one could pass a --prefix flag, one can only compile stuff but not automatically move the compiled stuff to the provided installation-directories. What mechanism does qmake provide for this task? I need to controll where exactly the executables, the documentation and the libs are being installed.

Thanx in advance

12th January 2006, 20:58
Since software installation is os, and in case of Linux, somewhat a distro, specific issue, AFAIK, qmake doesn't really provide much in that area.

You could take a look at: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.1/deployment.html

But even there, in case of X11, they conscede:

There is no standard package management on Unix, so the method we present below is a generic solution. See the documentation for your target system for information on how to create a package.

So if you want some sort of install mechanism, you'll have to make an installer, on Windows, or a distro package on Linux. I don't know about mac.

Of course, you could make like a bash script that runs qmake, make, and then if both succeded, move the resulting stuff to appropriate places.

Or you could modify the makefile to have the install part. You would have to do this every time you run qmake.


13th January 2006, 16:37
See the qmake manual command section on INSTALLS


20th February 2006, 22:46
And how it works in Qt4? There are no INSTALLS variable i can set for my .pro file.