View Full Version : How to get a widget similar to Kontact's one for choosing dates

19th April 2006, 15:10
Hi all, I'd like to include into my program a widget like the one that Kontact uses when you have to choose a date (it opens a popup that you can use to navigate until you find the right date). Where I could find it?

I apologyse if this thread is not fit for this channel.



19th April 2006, 18:21
AFAIK there is no such widget for Qt4 yet.

Chicken Blood Machine
19th April 2006, 19:11
AFAIK there is no such widget for Qt4 yet.

Unless you have a commercial license:

Actually, take a look at this article in Qt Quarterly. I adapted this code to make a highly usable date widget (something like you would see on one of the travel websites).