View Full Version : Using KDE plugin problem

13th February 2009, 04:11

I've got a problem with KDE plugins. I am not sure if i should post here, maybe here....

I tried to install KDE4-devel package with apt-get. It automatically installed Qt 4.4.0, not 4.4.3. Then i downloaded and compiled Qt 4.4.3. Then I opened designer of 4.4.3, it couldn't use KDE plugins. It can recognize them, but failed to load.

Anyone can deal with that? thanks for any help.

16th February 2009, 22:02
You need to have KDE (at least kdelibs and kdeui) compiled against the same version of Qt as Designer (so you need KDE compiled against Qt 4.4.3). And make sure Designer's plugin path contains the parent directory of the directory where the plugins reside. You should be able to trick the system into thinking Qt 4.4.3 and 4.4.0 are the same by doing some softlinking. Try ldd on the plugin and see which libraries it expects to find and where it finds them.