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25th February 2009, 08:56
Hi Anyone know how to run an external tool with edyuk by fullmetalcoder?
When configuring an external tool I don't know what to type on "Caption".
thank you,

25th February 2009, 19:10
Carbon copy of the mail I sent you but may be useful to other users (will make it into the docs for future versions I guess) :

Say you have an external program called "doSomeFancyStuff" that take a single file as argument

you want to access it easily within Edyuk to operate on the current file so you create a new tool fill the fields as follow :

Caption : "Do Some Fancy Stuff"
Program : "doSomeFancyStuff" (or "/usr/local/bin/doSomeFancyStuff" or "C:\somewhere\doSomeFancyStuff.exe" ...)
Working Directory : "" (you may need to set it to the path of your program)
Arguments : "$FILE$"

Once this tool is created and all the fields filled properly you can close the "Tools editor" dialog.

Now you can access the created tool using the "Do Some Fancy Stuff" entry in the "Tools" menu.

I hope this make things clearer.