View Full Version : QTextDocumentWriter / odf any good?

23rd March 2009, 20:37
Did anyone use the QTextDocumentWriter for more than the most basic texts?
I cannot say that I am satisfied with this feature. I'd even say it is very close to uselessness.

The odf documents can be loaded into openoffice, but the textlayout is almost totally lost. Formats I apply to only one frame seem to be applied globally. Borders around text frames just vanish. QTextTable borders are invisible, too.

In koffice the documents look a little bit better. The format is mostly retained, but also most borders do not show at all. A whole table, which is added using insertHTML is totally invisible.

When I save the same document in html format, everything is in place. I almost get a wysiwyg.

Did someone had similar problems? Or could this be some sort of configuration problem on my side?

5th December 2012, 22:08
make sure you dont have texttable.setBoarder(0);