View Full Version : Runtime Errors Qt.4.5 + Qwt

2nd April 2009, 04:15
I compiled successfully an application under Linux.
Before, I compiled and used the same application under Windows XP.
Then, I installed Vista.
I compiled the source code with MinGW and everything gone fine.
However, when I start the application I get:

Microsoft Visual C++ bla bla
Runtime error: The Runtime application has requested ....bla bla

I am quite confused.
I checked with Dependecy walker and there are no missing dependency.

I used Qwt 5-2.0.

There is a way to check what is causing the application to not start?

2nd April 2009, 05:26
I solved.
The problem is Qwt-5.2 which does not have, apparently, the qwt5.dll.
I switched to Qwt-5.1 and after compiling it I got anew the qwt5.dll which I put
in my release dir.
By this way, there are no Runtime errors any longer.

2nd April 2009, 05:41
The application starts, but as I click on some widget containing a graph (i.e. q qwt plot), the segmentation fault fires.
I will try to not use Qt 4.5 and qwt , but maybe a previous version of Qt.