View Full Version : working wit QProgressBar seems very tricky enh?!...

2nd April 2009, 15:06
Hi eveybody out there?.., hope you doin great!
thanks to the guy who replied my post on working with the Qt Designer , it was really helpfull for me from these forums..

here comes the problem i have....
I have a web browser project which goes really well with the use of QtWebKit, QWebView things, but i want to use QProgressbar to show progress while the loading activity is being done like other browsers do!
I have added it yet with codes to show it when the loads start and hide when the load end as well, but it doesn't increment as desired..

your help on this will bring me joy for real..



2nd April 2009, 17:13
Did you set the range for the progress bar? What do you do to increment it? QWebView has the QWebView::loadProgress() signal that you can connect to the QProgressBar::setValue() slot. Works without a problem for me.