View Full Version : Qt PDF image handler

5th April 2009, 09:37
I've implemented an image handler for PDF files that uses poppler (http://poppler.freedesktop.org) library for accessing PDFs. The plugin allows you to read PDF files as images with a adjustable resolution (through quality and scaledSize functionality of the handler interfacce). The plugin doesn't allow to write a PDF file, it only reads them.

To install, simply download and unpack the archive, run qmake, make and make install (the latter may require superuser privileges). You may need to adjust paths to poppler files in the .pro file if you have them installed in some unusual place.


If you want to build the plugin as a static plugin, you need to alter the .pro file.
To reduce the size of the library on Linux, run strip --strip-unneeded on the library file.
The plugin depends on poppler. You need to have its development files installed on the build machine and you need to deploy poppler libs with the plugin when installing on a target machine.
Make sure you don't violate poppler's licence when using the plugin.